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PhD defence by Jonas Pagh jensen

Narrowing, Slowing and Closing the Resource Loops - Circular Economy in the Wind Industry


04.05.2018 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


The main focus of this research concerns the role of circular economy as a means towards sustainable value  creation  for  a  manufacturer  of  wind  turbines.  Circular  economy  aims  at  retaining  the  highest possible value of a product or material for the longest possible time. This PhD thesis, circular economy is an umbrella concept, which is divided into three strategies being narrowing, slowing and closing of the loops. The ‘narrowing loops’ is related to the concept of resource efficiency, the ‘slowing loops’ is about extended use and reuse of products and material over time, through design of long lifetime and lifetime  extension  activities  and  the  ‘closing  loops’  focuses  on  the  recycling  of  the  materials  and ultimately focusing on eliminating ‘leakages’ from the system.

The main research question is: 
‘What are the potentials of narrowing, slowing and closing the loops for Siemens Wind Power products as part of a sustainable value creation strategy?’ 

The thesis is structured around a series of case studies related to each of the circular economy strategies iden6fied. The analysis is divided into four parts and includes seven manuscripts for academic journals. The case studies includes topics such as cost as a driver for eco-innovation, remanufacturing in the wind industry, recycling of blades and magnets as well as environmental impact
assessment of the case studies. The study concludes that sustainable value crea6on is possible by applying (some of) the principles of circular economy in the wind industry.

Additional outcomes related to the company are: recycling guidelines for blades and magnets, a series of life cycle assessments and linked environmental self-declarations. 
Please email jonaspj@plan.aau.dk to get a copy of the thesis 

assessment committee

Associate Professor, PhD Erik Hagelskjær Lauridsen (Chairman), Aalborg University

Associate Professor, PhD S@g Irving Olsen, Danish Technical University 

Scientific Support Officer, PhD Paolo Tecchio, DG Joint Research Centre


Professor Arne Remmen (Main supervisor), Department of Planning, Aalborg University 
Professor Johannes Brezet, Department of Planning, Aalborg University 


Head of Department, Tine Herreborg Jørgensen, Department of Planning,  Aalborg University, Denmark 


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Department of Planning


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