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PhD defence by Lars Grundahl

District Heating Potential and a Danish Heat Atlas Based on Metered Heat Demand Data


14.12.2017 kl. 10.30 - 14.00


Heat demand mapping has been used for heat planning in Denmark in many years. Until recently, the mapping was based on statistical knowledge of heat demand in buildings based on the types and ages of the buildings. New developments in data collection have allowed for this data to be supplemented with metered heat demand data collected over a duration of years for more than one million buildings each year.

The thesis investigates the expansion potential of district heating in Denmark under a number of different conditions. Firstly, the economic expansion potential is compared for consumer-economic and socio-economic calculations. The study finds that only approximately half of the potential for each of the economic approaches occur in the same areas. Secondly, the potential is investigated under current conditions and compared to future scenarios with 50% heat savings in space heating and implementation of low-temperature district heating. It is found that low-temperature district heating alone is not enough to mitigate the negative economic impact on district heating arising from substantial heat savings. The implementation of low-temperature district heating has to go hand-in-hand with other measures to improve the economic feasibility of district heating in a future with lower heat demands in buildings.

A new version of the Danish Heat Atlas is developed using the metered heat demand data to estimate the average heat consumption in the different Danish building types. This ensures that heat demand estimates are made individually for all building categories in the Danish Building and Dwelling register. Further, with the new data, it is possible to investigate the accuracy of the heat atlas. This is used to improve the knowledge on how well the heat atlas estimates the actual heat demand depending on the number of buildings included in a sample and across the different building categories.

assessment committee

Professor Irene Peters, HafenCity University Hamburg

Professor Leif Gustavson, Linnaeus University

Associate Professor Carsten Bojesen (Chairman), Aalborg University


Professor Bernd Möller, Department of Planning, Aalborg University

Assistant Professor Steffen Nielsen, Department of Planning, Aalborg University

Professor Henrik Lund, Department of Planning, Aalborg University


Associate Professor Theresa Scavenius, Department of Planning, Aalborg University


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