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PHD Defence by Maëlle Caussarieu

Energy system transition in the making – Case study of Greater Copenhagen district heating network


09.07.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


This thesis studies the ongoing energy transition of the Greater Copenhagen district heating (DH) network. The study questions what it takes to achieve energy system transitions and, in doing so, follows the work of energy practitioners in three transitioning sites within the regional DH system. Drawing from a socio-technical perspective, the thesis gives particular emphasis to the material devices –the analytical and calculative tools –that practitioners use to help make sense of the transition processes.

The analyses show how a number of energy transitions have and are occurring, and that the devices equipping the actors are enabling the practitioners to cope with uncertainties, to establish new kinds of coordination, and to create new capacity of action.

The thesis argues that energy system transitions are not about large-scale technology diffusion but are rather discrete phenomenon; energy transitions are the outcomes of the everyday work of practitioners who are simultaneously maintaining and transitioning their energy systems. The DH practitioners are acting from their situated perspectives, trying to grip their world that is constantly evolving. The thesis thus argues that energy system transitions are situated and fragile achievements which are neither accidental nor pre-determined, but constantly in the making.

Head of Research Alain Nadaï|Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement, France
Professor Janette Webb|University of Edinburgh, UK
AssociateProfessorSøren Kerndrup (Chair)|Department of Planning, AAU, Denmark

Main supervisor Professor Susse Georg | Department of Planning, AAU, Denmark
Co-supervisor Professor Peter Karnøe | Department of Planning, AAU, Denmark

Professor Kirsten Gram-Hanssen | Department of the Built Environment, AAU, DK


Department of Planning, Aalborg University


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