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PhD defence by Vu Duyen Hai

FISHERIES PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT IN VIETNAM – An explanation of ineffectiveness


26.04.2018 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Unsustainable exploitation of the marine fisheries resources in Vietnam was documented already in the early the 1990s. In order to address this issue, innovative approaches to  fisheries management were introduced into the Vietnamese fisheries through pilot projects funded by international donors. However, the effectiveness of fisheries management in Vietnam has not lead to sustainable marine capture fisheries. The government has been unable to control the development of its fisheries (i.e. total landings and fishing effort in terms of fishing vessels employed) resulting in depletion of fisheries resources and marine capture fisheries has got into a vicious cycle.

This research sets out to explain the ineffectiveness of the fisheries management system in Vietnam with an emphasis on the planning system to provide a more inclusive understanding about issues facing the fisheries management system in Vietnam; logics of the fisheries development objectives; credibility of the knowledge base used for planning and management purposes; co-management arrangements; and unsuccessful implication of innovative approaches to improve effectiveness of fisheries management in Vietnam.

Various approaches and frameworks are used to address research questions of the research. The fisheries system approach is used to identify issues facing the fisheries management in Vietnam. The triangle paradigm framework is used to understand logics of the fisheries development objectives. Eleven conditions for sustainable fisheries co-management have been used to understand success and failure of co-management approach in Vietnam. 

This research concludes that: i) the available data in the Vietnamese fisheries draw out a contradictory understanding about the natural and human systems, thus management system is unable to make effective intervention on the human and natural systems; ii) conflicting discourses in planning fisheries result in inconsistent development and management   decisions on the Vietnamese fisheries; iii) the knowledge base used for planning fisheries in Vietnam is incredible; iv) the management tools decided in the fisheries master plan are not implemented at local levels and not enforced at the fishing communities, and the Vietnamese fisheries are under the open-access regime which fishers are allowed to catch as much as 
they can; and v) unsuccessful implementation of innovative approaches to fisheries management in Vietnam is due to a lack of supportive institutional arrangement and without a framework for fisheries management.

assessment committee

Associate professor Alyne Delaney (Chairman), Aalborg University
Professor Arne Eide, The Ar/c University of Norway
Associate Professor Eva Roth, University of Southern Denmark


Professor Jesper Raakjær, Department of Planning, Aalborg University


Associate professor Ivar Lyhne, Department of Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark


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