techno-Anthropology & Participation


Techno-Anthropology and Participation (TAPAR) conducts research of truly interdisciplinary character and ‘takes a holistic approach which challenges existing paradigms and creates robust, research based solutions to the complex challenges of society’ (Knowledge for the World, AAU 2016).

We look critically at new and emergent technologies, where we focus on human-technology relations in mainly, but not exclusively, health and welfare domains.

Our approach is problem oriented in accordance with the overall AAU characteristics, where ‘analytical, holistic, and problem and solution oriented methods’ are applied. We do that in order to provoke and produce change for the better in technological innovation, design, and implementation processes.

TAPAR is inspired by various Participatory Design (PD) methodologies and value empirically grounded research on how to involve users or citizens to have a say on technologies affecting their lives. We complement this approach with ethical and value-based theoretical and methodological frameworks. TAPAR highlights values like inclusion, transparency, equity, and sustainability and how these values can be enhanced and mediated by responsible technological solutions. We do research in evaluation, assessment and design of technologies in this perspective, where we exactly look for these values and make recommendations for design and/or re-design of technology in order to promote social justice, trust, and fairness.

TAPAR is highly change-oriented in emergent and complex human-technology relations of societal relevance.

The research group is represented at both AAU's Aalborg and Copenhagen campuses.